Patio Pavers

Get beautiful pavers installed to your patio an affordable price. Not only are they at minimal cost, but as well they are extremely durable and versatile. You can easily enhance the splendor of your patio by simply contacting our experts today. Get your free estimate, now!

Driveway Pavers

Optimize your drive way and park in style by installing high end pavers to your drive way. We offer our driveway pavers services here at Vernon Pavers Inc. at an extremely favorable price. Our team can have your pavers installed in no time; all you need to do is call us today.

Pool Deck Pavers

Add an artistic touch to your pool by installing pretty pavers. Pick from a wide range of pavers styles that will contribute to your pools elegance. Our team will get the job done greatly and in no time. Our team is devoted to meeting the requirements and exceeding customer expectations. Contact us today.

Sidewalk & Walkway Pavers

Fix your sidewalk and walk way by installing elegant pavers that contribute to your overall home value and elegance. At a favorable price you can easily obtain high quality pavers at Vernon Pavers Inc. Our team is devoted to completing the paver work in the time requested. Get your free estimate by calling us today!

Patio and Deck

Work with our expert designers to get the ultimate patio and deck installed to your home. We have multiple options and styles that you can freely choose from, we can even start from scratch. You will finally have the dream patio, if you call us today. You’ll never want to be indoors again!

Outdoor Fireplaces

Enjoy the outdoors with an exquisite fireplace. Perfect for a night out watching the stars while you sip on some hot cocoa, a fire place really adds onto the ambience. Contact us today so you can acquire you beautiful fireplace at a great price. Our experts offer a variety of styles, and you can even get a free estimate.

Fire pits

Fire pits are an ideal way to add an extra flare to any residence’s exterior. Pick form a variety of firepots styles and designs, and work alongside our designers to see which fire pit bests suits your property. Call us today and get your free estimate.

Sitting walls

Chairs are old school and out of style, enhance and adorn your backyard with an ideal sitting wall where u can enjoy the outdoors and entertain guests. It really makes you feel in touch with nature but as well it contributes to your overall home value. We offer our sitting wall services here at Vernon Pavers Inc. at competitive prices.

Retaining walls

If you are looking to embellish your landscaping, retaining walls are a great solution! Our professionals can work with you to choose what will be best by using all sorts of materials that are presented. Retaining walls are habitually used to emphasize a key area in your plan. If you are ready to start with your project, contact us now and one of our professionals will be happy to provide a free quote!

Expert Masonry Design & Installation

Here at Vernon Pavers Inc we offer a unique and distinctive masonry design and installation service that is particularly collected to match your needs and requirements. Choose from a diversity of masonry styles next to our specialist designers. Let’s work together and increase the attractiveness of your residential or commercial property.

Brick/Paver, Stone patios

Add adaptability to your gorgeous patio by adding stone with Vernon Pavers Inc. We provide our stone patio services at reasonable prices, and our experts guarantee that the end result will be nothing other than 100% rewarding. Stone patios not only add to an eye-catching home demand, but as well it is effortlessly maintained.


Vernon Pavers Inc can help you effectively design and create the perfect entranceway for your residential property. Create a charming statement, with an entranceway that portrays absolute stylishness and faultlessness. The best thing about it is our high end results at fair prices. Contact us now and get a free estimate!

Stone Retaining walls

Other than being tremendously practical and stunning, stone retaining wall services here at Vernon Pavers Inc, is also within your means. Another amazing aspect of adding stone retaining wall to your wonderful property is the fact that it can add value, if you are ever looking to put it on the market. Contact us today and schedule a free estimate!


Did you know that masonry is valuable to any homeowner? Its flames, termite, and climate resistant material are extremely needed in the market these days. The best thing about it is its inexpensive prices. Contact Vernon Pavers Inc and learn more about our high quality masonry services. Contact us now and get your free estimate!

Natural Stone Walls

Are you looking to beautify your property with beautiful natural stone walls? From marble to granite, we have all kinds of patterns, colors and styles to better match your residence. Our professional team of experts will be happy to provide you excellent results in a timely manner and at affordable prices while adding value to your home! Contact us today and one of our experts will be glad to assist you!


At Vernon Pavers Inc, our paver installers take their time to do it right so you will be able to get pleasure from a steady patio for many years to come. Your new paver patio will look stunning and be built to last. If you are ready to experience high quality services at the best prices, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Residential Bricks & Pavers

Are you thinking about installing a patio and wondering which paving option is best for you? Perhaps you should consider installing interlocking concrete pavers. They come in a variety of styles to match any home and their durability adds loads of value to your outdoor space.

Blue Stone Patios

Bluestone is a good material for the North East cold weather because it is made from layered sandstone which is very strong. It can be blue but also has other colors or hues running through it. It is a beautiful patio stone and adds elegance to any yard.


We offer quality Brick services for residential spaces that not only looks good but also lasts longer. We pay special attention to our customer's questions, needs and concerns. Driveways, patios, sidewalks and walkways, foundations, stem-walls, slabs for garages and steps are a few of the skilled services we provide.

Bricks Pavers Driveways

Brick driveways are a timeless classic. Some of the benefits of brick driveways are color integrity, durability, and easy repairs. Bricks are very affordable, come in various color shades, and can be laid in many different patterns creating a formal or informal driveway style.

Stone Walls

People are always looking for stone interior ideas for interior walls, ideas for bedrooms, new interior designs to get a stone wall texture to complement the interior room finish. What better way to achieve a wall decoration with a thin stone cladding or stone veneer.


Sidewalks are required at any new construction site within the City. Any developed land that does not have sidewalks currently would be required to install them at the time of a major renovation or addition. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance and repair of sidewalks.

Pool Pavers

Nothing looks better in the landscape than a pool surrounded by high quality pool pavers. Pool pavers need to be hardy, slip resistant and be strong enough to fight against nasty attacks from pool salt and chlorine. Pioneer pavers can help with all these issues as our natural stone pavers are premiuim grade and we stock high quality sealers to help fight against salt attack from the pool.

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